Sunday, September 26, 2010

Depend on the Savior

A few weeks ago we were taught by Tonya Scott and the Young Women. They introduced us to their DOTS program. Each Young Woman gave an example of how they've come to Depend On The Savior. Now we are seeing dots everywhere we go, too.

Our Relief Society President, Ginger Proffitt, was touched by the young women's program. She realized that in order to depend on the Savior, we need to know Him better. She was inspired to encourage each of us to read the book Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmadge. As a Relief Society our goal is to finish this book by this time next year and read up to the birth of Christ by Christmas.

Today's lesson by Deborah Haynie was all about the Savior and how He carries us through our burdens and trials.

Enjoy the following video shared today and whenever you see dots, think of how you depend on the Savior.


lizzyandpop said...

Love the video - how can I get a copy?

Dessa said...

I would love to use this for a Young Women Eve of Excellence. How is the best way to get it?

*katie said...

Hi Dessa, if you could provide me with an email address, I will send your request to our YW president and she can share more with you. Thanks!

*katie said...

Lizzyandpop, the video is on youtube...the direct link is:

Michelle said...

I love this video and would like to play it at eve of excellence. the quality is not as good when pulled off the blog or you tube. is it possible to have someone mail me a copy of the original? I would even be willing to send some money?

*katie said...

Hi Michelle, unfortunately we didn't create the video, we found it on youtube...the man who created it is
You might be able to contact him about it, good luck!

proud mama said...

I would love more info on the DOTS idea. We want to use that theme for our RS birthday party this year but I want to expound on it. Sorry I'm a stranger, but I would love to hear anything else you can offer. Thanks!
luckiestgirlalive at hotmail dot com