Thursday, August 19, 2010

September Craft

No-Sew Birthday Banner Instructions

For those who couldn't be there. Here are the instructions:

• 5-14 different fabrics, you only need a little of each
• Double fold quilt binding- 3 yards
• Rotary cutter with mat and guide. OR scissors and pinking sheers
• Acrylic craft paint
• Pellon-Interfacing- 2 Yards
• Foam brush
• Iron
• Freezer paper
• Hot glue gun

How to:
First- Cut pieces of your fabric out (pieces just a little larger than your triangles) and iron your Pellon to stiffen the fabric and to keep it from fraying when you cut the triangles.

Cut out your triangles. I did mines 8.5" long and 8" wide. I wouldn't go wider than that, but smaller would be okay. You just want to make sure you don't go over the 3 yards of the binding. I also cut mine out with a rotary pinking blade.

Next you will want to lay them out and decided how you are going to place them in line.
Then, cut out your letters out of freezer paper with ad die-cut machine; or with a stencil and an exact-o knife.

I used my Cricut. To cut freezer paper with a Cricut you will want pressure of 3 med, speed of 1 or 2, and depth of 2. I used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge- roly poly font for the heart- 3inches big. For the letters I used Opposites Attract cartridge in the "Upright" font. For the H and B capital letters I did 4inches and for the lower case letters I did 5inches.

After cutting out the letters I ironed them onto my triangles. Use directions on freezer paper box.

I then painted them using the foam brush and acrylic paint. I didn't like the fabric paint color choices, and this works just as good. You’re probably not going to be washing this, so no worries about the fabric paint.

After they were dry I peeled the freezer paper off and lined up my letters. Make sure you line up your binding and letters before you glue so it is all evenly spaced before you glue

Open up the quilt binding. Glue on the bottom first. Overlap the triangles just a little, place on hot glue. Glue the top and press down. Done!

For detailed pictures you can look at my craft blog at under “No-Sew Birthday Banner”
Thanks CRAFT GROUP!- Lynn Muir